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You Can Do It

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        To quit, every day we need “Foundations” that we can depend on. #1 Daily Bible-study. #2 Preparation with prayers. #3 A time and a place to study at this site for 20 minutes or longer.
        Second, Geno Smith is an NFL player who was drafted by the New York Jets. In game after game, for season after season, he was told: “You can’t do it.” When the Jets dumped him, that was a loud, “You can’t do it.”
        In year 7 of his career (After being dumped by 3 teams), Geno was signed by the Seattle Seahawks. Now he was being trained by the great head coach Pete Carroll. Day after day, week after week, Pete showed Geno what to do. But the bigger point is… Geno never gave up. Geno kept working, he kept believing. Day after day he worked on the foundational, fundamentals of being a winning quarterback.
        Then in 2022 Geno became Seattle’s starting quarterback. He won his first game and he kept on winning. Pete and Geno had turned Seattle’s fortunes from bad to good. Now they were winning and they are still winning.
        Third, I gave 3 foundational ideas. We need a bunch of these foundational habits to quit for good. Today, consider making these 3 ideas into habits, plus think about two other foundational habits that you vitally need.
        Geno figured out what foundational habits he needed. He fully believed he could do it, and he put in the work. Today Geno is a star playing for the Seattle Seahawks.

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