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Work on Something

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        A lot of time should be spent working on quitting. Many people spend 25 minutes at this site. That is smart. But only a few understand that it is just as important to work on something every hour that you can. Obviously, if you are busy at work this does not apply. But if you have tons of time to think about triggers at work, taking 1 minute to review your quitting plan on your phone is needed.

        Second, if you review a quitting verse every hour, and read a reminder to pray often every hour, you will be working on quitting every hour. Consider praying:

        “Father, help me to turn from triggers, and help me to be temperate.”

        Stay calm, stay positive, keep control. Trying to be temperate starts to increase the Holy Spirit in us.

        Finally, if you are bored, work on something regarding quitting for 5 minutes every hour. Whether you are bored or busy, try to pray about quitting many times per day. Consider setting your phone alarm so that you remember what you want to do.


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