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        The Bible says to “Take up your cross daily.” What is your system for taking up your cross to fight drinking/drugs daily? How do u remind yourself “daily” about the things you want to change? Some set up a system in their phone, or use sticky notes, or a cork board with 3 by 5 cards pinned to it (so u can change your cards over time). To take up your cross, work often on a system of how to remind yourself of how to change.
        Second, the way God wants me to think is better than the way I think I should think.
        “If I think His way, I will be happier.” Consider memorizing that sentence.
        I spent decades with zero joy despite having success in many areas of life. Since I quit, my joy has been increasing and increasing.
        Third, you are not a slave to your thoughts. Your thoughts are a slave to you. Consider praying:
        “Father, help me to not allow my bad thoughts to control my life.”
        How to take control of your thoughts.
        You will “always” have bad thoughts until you pound them out of you with scripture. Today consider praying for 30 minutes about what extremes you want to go to to have good thoughts?
        Finally, we change from bad thoughts to good thoughts based on how much scripture we get into us. I have given a dozen ways to get scripture in you. Memorizing key verses, praying over them etc. If after praying you say: “I will go to any extreme to pound out bad thoughts so that I can have a great life,” Then… write down every way that you can get scripture in you from every article that you can. Then add more ways to your list in the future. It works.

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