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Think Long Term

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        People try the drug Oxy and think, “That felt good, I want to do that as often as possible.” Instead, if they were thinking “Long-term” they would think: I don’t want to be homeless, broke, and broken.

        Consider writing Long term at the top of a piece of paper. Then as you read a bunch of articles, write down the dates and titles of articles that push long-term thinking. We work because, in the long term, it is good for us. We eat fruits and vegetables because, in the long term, it is good for us. We read the Bible, pray, forgive, and love because, in the long term, it is good for us.

        Second, addiction is thinking… “Nothing in the universe can help me right now except _______.” Never say that. Instead say: “Other things can help me and I am going to “Try” them.” Consider memorizing that quote. If your world is falling apart, a bike ride with your buddy, followed by digging into scripture will be a bit slower at first, but it will help you.

        Third, consider memorizing this question for use when tempted: “Why do I have to fall.” There are 12-20 common reasons for falling. Most of the solutions to fight back against these reasons are covered on this site. Consider noting the articles and dates written for your top reasons.

        Finally, consider saying 5 times per day: “I will keep fighting for a solution.” When we put in the work, life gets good again faster.

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