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Think About

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        The Bible says to think about things that are of good report. Every minute of every day we get to choose… Think about bad things, job problems, school problems, money problems, or, we can go out of our way to find something good to think about. This is a great exercise for quitting addictions, because this is very similar to a key habit for quitting, “Learning to think about new things instead of old habits.” Consider praying:

        “Father, help me to think about positive things only.”

        Let’s say you have a problem you need to solve. Decide how many minutes you will spend trying to solve the problem, then when the time is up, think about good things instead.

        Second, we should develop habits of thinking about positive behaviors. Things like, “I will watch clean TV, I will eat/drink moderately, I will read the Bible today, I will pray today, I will stay busy today. Consider writing down a few positive behaviors you should be thinking about.

        Third, focus on a good attitude. Bad attitudes lead back toward bad habits. Good attitudes give us a chance.

        Finally, all of these things are gold for stopping bad habits. Consider making it a goal to form habits of thinking about things that are of good report.
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