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The T-Rex

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        We are controlled by what we feed. If we feed the T-Rex, it will control us. If we feed the Lion, it will teach us self-control. We feed the T-Rex by focusing on 3 categories. The first category are thoughts like: I can do it on my own. Category two involves thoughts of how great life was when _____, or how great past (wrong actions) were. This action feeds the T-Rex and strengthens him. Category three involves the lie: It would be sooooo great, or the lie: It is okay to be around ______ (who currently party always). This action makes the T-Rex a powerhouse.

        We feed the Lion with prayer, Bible study, and a focus on purpose. We need to figure out how to feed the Lion more often. To learn how to turn off wrong thoughts and put on a good sermon about overcoming sin.

        First, we need to stay content. Consider praying this often:

        “Father, take away this spirit of drinking/drugs, and help me to be content.”

        When you are spiraling into heavy temptation, changing to Bible study, prayer, or a good sermon is difficult. But if we have a daily goal of increasing in love or contentment, we see temptation building, and we are content to do the things that will bring us purpose and a great life.

        Today, consider having a goal of increasing in one of the fruits of the Spirit or some other spiritual goal. If you do that temptation starts to become a math problem. Did you feed the T-Rex too much so far today? If so, panic, stop, start feeding the Lion. If you are increasing in love, contentment, or another fruit of the Spirit… You will be able to make the change. Able to feed the Spirit who will make your life great. Able to fight temptation.

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