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The Secret Answer

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        Why is it a “Secret answer?”

        Our lives are like a great treasure hunt. The rules say: Stay on this straight highway and someday you will find joy.

        On the highway, we don’t see joy, but we see opportunities for fun and pleasure to the right and left. We take a turn off the highway and dig into pleasures that we are not supposed to have. Then, we try to get back on the highway. But… the way back is difficult. Our car is pounded and broken by rocky terrain. Finally, we are back on the straight and narrow, limping along in our broken car.

        Our second driver believes. Temptation is to the right and the left, but not only does he not turn… He is “busy” telling others why they should not turn as well. He tells others how great their life could also be if they follow this great book. He reads this book often and believes it more every day.

        He keeps searching straight ahead until his eyes are fixed on Jesus. He keeps straining to find the glory of God. He struggles with that, but “that” is what he struggles with… Not some habit that is breaking him.

        Why is it a “Secret answer?” It is a secret answer because the answer stays a secret until we are deep in the middle of living it.

        The end.

        Second, today I watched a video about hell. Pastor Steve prob was trying to teach people the fear of the Lord in this great video. It scared me into determining to triple my prayers about love. He loves people enough to warn them. I need to do better. Today I am working on a plan of how to do better.

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