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The Light

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        Peter walked on water. I knew someone who also walked on water (spiritually).

        My Aunt was divorced, broke, and raised two kids alone. And, she was completely filled with God’s joy. How? Because her God was big, huge, mighty, powerful, able to do anything. For every minute that I knew her she always kept her eyes and thoughts on Jesus. Consider praying:

        “Father, show me how to walk on water.”

        When we pray that prayer it may allow us to hear God’s voice. He might say, “Be positive,” or, “You can’t be depressed while you are praising me,” or, “I love you.”

        Some will scoff at me acting like God will show any repentant person personal time. But the truth is, I don’t know exactly what you need to hear today. The exact thing you need to change today may only be available if you give God a chance to communicate with you.

        Second, my aunt had the habit of practicing rapid repentance. That is step one to walking on water. She always dug into the scriptures (step two). She was constantly in prayer (step three). She always tried to do God’s will (step four).

        Third, if my aunt was still alive and read an article like this… She would pray that prayer a hundred or more times until she would hear from God. Like Jacob, she would wrestle with God until she found God. That is step five in walking on water (Spiritually).

        Five steps. Walk them out and see what happens.

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