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The Goal

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        Many have a goal of quitting something. But sometimes people blur the line between quitting God’s way and quitting for a specific reason. Let’s say, one wants to quit because their habit has led to constant darkness and intermittent depression. So they want to quit that habit to avoid that issue. The problem is… if one quits drinking/drugs, and does not go to war with sin, they are doing something wise, but they are not doing it God’s way.
        Second, it is important to quit a habit, then to replace that habit with the fruits of the Spirit, praise, and doing God’s will. That is how you quit God’s way.
        Third, you might be trying to quit with all your might. You keep trying a bunch of things, but you still keep falling. But, the key word in this scenario is “Trying.” Keep submitting to God, and keep trying.
        Fourth, fast and pray. Some of you want to fast from food, (don’t do that if your body is worn down from drinking/drugs), and that is great. But most of us would be greatly helped if we fasted from TV shows and movies. Fast from TV and read Christian books and the Bible. It adds power.
        Fifth, once you have fully repented you can attack bad thoughts and temptations in “Jesus name.” Consider praying:
        “Father, take away these sinful thoughts, and fill me with peace, in Jesus’ name.”
        There is power in Jesus name.
        Finally, the goal is fullness of joy. The Bible says to not give satan any opportunity. When we refuse to give satan any openings, we start to see joy flowing into us. The real goal is to someday have a person see you and say, “Wow, this person is different, filled with Light, how can I be like them.” That is the goal.

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