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The Garden of Eden

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        Today I watched “Jesus Revolution” on Netflix. It is my new favorite Christian movie. It is set in the early 70s and the theme of it is that people are searching for something real. Searching for a real answer. For the hippies of that generation, finally, someone started telling them about Jesus.
        But, often people are told to quit drugs, and they are not told what to do.
        Second, like the people in the movie, my dad was always filled with joy and he always told me to pray to care about souls. Tip #1 If you want a real answer to the questions in life consider praying:
        “Father, help me to hate sin, and help me to care about souls.”
        “Father, take away this spirit of drinking/drugs and show me how to find joy.”
        Every prayer needs to be 100% sincere, but with these prayers it is easy. How many hundreds of times do we need to pray about these complicated topics in order to make progress? For me, it was a lot of times.
        Third, the leaders and preachers in Jesus Revolution were highly focused on helping people and saving souls. In my life, every time I am around people who are striving to help others and be in God’s will… I am always impressed with their high level of joy.
        Fourth, I went to several Christian camps as a kid and about half of the time, I felt like certain Christians were living in their own personal Garden of Eden. Plus, my dad was like that, and I had two aunts and one uncle like that.
        These people inspired me to go to war with sin and pray prayers like the ones above, endlessly.
        This month, strive to make changes in your life so that you get at least a glimpse of your own personal Garden of Eden. It can happen.

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