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The Cross

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        If we spend time at the cross we realize that life is more serious than we think. At the cross, the sins of the world were put on Jesus. After a life of doing God’s will and living in joy and living in the light, darkness was finally on Him. For the first time in His life, he was depressed. Yes, He was greatly challenged many times, but never depressed until then.

        Satan never leads with, “This will be fun, but then you will be depressed when he tempts us.” Consider praying:

        “Father, remind me that satan’s tricks lead to depression, help me to turn from his tricks.”

        Second, satan has 4-6 distractions for you to get your mind off of Jesus. Some of them are not even blatant sins, they just keep you from purpose and joy.

        Third, Jesus gave His life. What am I willing to give? Will I give up one of those distractions so that I can be more in His will, or live more in love? Why does the Bible say to be “Poor in spirit?” Because, I can spend my time trying to be great, rich, successful, famous, or any of a thousand things. Or… I can give up my sins, and ambitions, then follow Jesus, and try to help someone.

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