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The Blessed Life

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        Life is more blessed and filled with Light when we submit to Christ.
        Pick 3 things to submit to Christ so that your life improves. Things like submitting thoughts. How can you plan today and every day this week so that you will think about a specific prayer every hour so that you start to replace bad thoughts with good ones? Consider praying:
        “Father, take away this spirit of intoxication, and fill me with Your love.”
        Second, how many times do you need to say, “God’s way is best” this week to remind yourself that submitting to His ways are best?
        Finally, pick one sin that you will submit to Christ at His cross. To do this, do a Google search, “Verses ________.” Pick things like anger, frustration, lying, or any other sin or emotion that plagues you. Then, study, pray over, and print out those verses so that you can start to pound out that sin. The more we pound out sin and submit to Christ, the more self-control we start to have, and the more we start to be blessed.

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