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The Answer

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        Zechariah 4:6 Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.”

        George was once again confused. Charlie agreed to meet him at the sand dunes.

        “Charlie, I am trying to do things God’s way, but I am just tempted all the time.”

        As we hit the sand mountain peak, Charlie paused to get his breath. “First, sin, and drinking/drugs mess us up. So we start by focusing on keeping the “Spirit” as a burning fire in us. If we think about bad things and forget about the Holy Spirit, problems start. No matter what activity we are involved in, we have “help,” to either rise up to living right or help to start a downward spiral. We keep looking at prayers and Bible verses on our phone throughout the day so that our “help” is right there when temptation starts to rise.

        There is no middle ground. We are rising up, or starting to slip. George, have you put prayers and verses in your phone?”

        “I have. But I only remember to look at them once or twice a day.”

        Charlie looked at George with raised eyebrows.

        “Hmmm, maybe I am letting satan lead me for long periods of time,” George said.

        “If you are floating through life or considering satan’s tempting thoughts without so much as an occasional “Praise the Lord,” it is possible that satan has a fair amount of influence over you,” Charlie said. “On the other hand, if you pay attention to your prayers and verses, you might not pay any attention to him at all. Maybe you will keep your thoughts squeaky clean.”

        “Maybe I will have less temptation later if I pay attention to doing right earlier.”

        “Second, we go to war against sin by “His Spirit,” Charlie said. “We prepare to do His will by “His Spirit.” We do His will with “His Spirit” leading us. When His Spirit is with us we have “Light” and “Joy.”

        A lot of people have tried to quit by might and by power. But the above verse says to quit by “My Spirit.” First, consider praying about making your phone a tool to remind you to quit. Second, consider reviewing articles and verses that are about how to increase “His Spirit” in your daily life. It is a powerful way to quit.

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