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Th Lord’s Prayer

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        After giving thanks we begin the great prayer.

        Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.

        Matthew Henry says that the phrase “Hallowed be thy Name” means that we Praise Jesus. We can pause at this point and praise Jesus for how He fills people and makes their lives better, or praise Him for what He did at the cross.

        We have “All we need” with Jesus. When we pray sincerely, we start to understand that truth.

        As we begin this great prayer our thoughts should be: How can we praise Him? What can we praise Him for?

        The great prayer continues: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.

        Doing God’s will refers to trying to fulfill our purpose.

        When David was doing what God wanted him to do his prayers were powerful. When he was sitting around doing the wrong things, (well, we know how that ended).

        We learn from David that God wants us to quit because there is a war going on? A battle that we are supposed to be fighting in.

        A good prayer for this is, “Father, take away this spirit of drinking/drugs and help me to care about souls.”
        A good exercise to learn better “Purpose,” habits, is to turn off the TV for a bit and read. If you have been having success in fighting intoxication, the Purpose Driven Life is great. If you are struggling with intoxication, “What The Bible Says About Addiction” is great for purpose and it is great for quitting.
        The only time I am completely free from temptation is when I say: “Jesus, I am going to do exactly what you want me to do today.”
        Study the Lord’s prayer and use it to combat habits.

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          “Study the Lord’s prayer and use it to combat habits.”

          This has been my “go-to prayer” for some time now. Along with Hail Mary, a very powerful weapon against the attacks from the devil. I have done this for another area of my life that I struggle with. It is helping in that area. I try to start praying as soon as the thought, temptation, or urge pops into my head. I find I can’t give it any time to entertain the idea. I must pray immediately.

          I do find with drinking, it is the time of day that is my trigger. Come 4:30ish to 5:00 I really start thinking about my martini. I try and fool myself thinking I’m only having one, but I really mix a double. Thus it begins as I’ll end up with another. I know it is partly a mindset, but more than that I need to bring Jesus into this.

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