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        Temperance helps us conquer habits. Temperance is being sober minded. A sober minded person is praising the Lord and strives to be attracted to activities that are pure and godly.
        Today, there is this giant tray of cookies and desserts. I need to stop the celebration and get back to self-control. My plan is to eat 1 cookie only today. The more areas that we practice temperance in, the more self-control we will develop. Second, reject and replace thoughts of anxiety, anger and other negative emotions (as well as drinking/drugs). Temperance says: Anxiety, anger and other negative emotions are from satan. We practice self-control by determining to reject and replace these bad thoughts. It is hard to find too many prayers for this and to work to much on this.
        Finally, if you work on controlling your thoughts today (and everyday), you will have “more” joy than people who overindulge in any area. Why? Because the Holy Spirit will start to be with you more.

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