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Taylor Swift

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        Taylor Swift is a rock star. 8 years ago I assumed she was a star based on her great looks and good voice. But after watching a movie that goes behind the scenes, I realized, she lives, breathes, and thinks about music all the time. She constantly writes and records songs.

        To quit, we need to have a focus on quitting the way she focuses on being a rock star.

        #1 At what times during the day can you add an increased focus on quitting? If you have a ton of time to daydream triggering thoughts at work, then… You have enough time to quote some Bible verses, and prayers to fight back.

        #2 When you get home from work or school, consider taking time to reboot and get prepared for the battle. Many study on this site before work or late at night, but, it helps to reboot after life blasts us again at work or school.

        #3 Taylor thinks and works on music all the time because she prob wants to be a billionaire, star. We should consider increasing our focus to lower the destruction and to start to find joy.

        #4 Taylor gets the smartest music producers she can find. To quit we need to think about spending more time studying the “best” article, or articles for our exact situation. What sinks you? Where are the articles that can help you change that? Do you need to read them again and again if you have the same issue again and again?

        #5 Taylor has experts who advise her on how to be a huge star. We need to strive to be around people who have it together. People who are spiritual giants. People who have overcome long-term habits. Often, pastors or priests love to talk to someone who really wants to quit. But even being around people who have it together is helpful. They are living a great life. I can live one also.

        Finally, consider filling out your shortlist of what you will “do” based on today’s articles. Reading is great, and doing and forming habits is even better.

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