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        Everyone wants success on some level. Some just want food and shelter. Some add wanting a car and some nice things. Some add wanting to own a home and take great vacations. Bill Gates wanted to be able to buy anything he wanted.
        The Bible says “Be ye perfect.” That is a high level of success. Instead of wondering how we could ever do that, we should focus on our response to that command.
        #1 Our response could be, I could never do that. #2 It could be, that I will try, but I am not confident. #3 It could be, I will try, I will plan, I will work at executing my plan. #4 It could be I will do everything in my power to do that. I will up my game at stopping bad habits. I will pray more, read scripture more, and study quitting techniques more. I will believe that if Jesus said we should try to be perfect, than it would be great if I focused on trying to do it.
        The more we think about what Jesus wants us to do, the less we think about drinking/drugs. The more we try to do it His way, the more He helps us. The more we “try…” the closer we get to a pathway toward joy.

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