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        Everyone wants success on some level. Some just want food and shelter. Some add wanting a car and some nice things. Some add wanting to own a home and take great vacations. Bill Gates wanted to be able to buy anything he wanted.
        The Bible says “Be ye perfect.” That is a high level of success. Instead of wondering how we could ever do that, we should focus on our response to that command.
        #1 Our response could be, I could never do that. #2 It could be, that I will try, but I am not confident. #3 It could be, I will try, I will plan, I will work at executing my plan. #4 It could be I will do everything in my power to do that. I will up my game at stopping bad habits. I will pray more, read scripture more, and study quitting techniques more. I will believe that if Jesus said we should try to be perfect, than it would be great if I focused on trying to do it.
        The more we think about what Jesus wants us to do, the less we think about drinking/drugs. The more we try to do it His way, the more He helps us. The more we “try…” the closer we get to a pathway toward joy.

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          Satan wants the church confused about whether we can quit sinning, and whether we must fight sin urgently. God wants us to know that we can and that we must do so. Why? Because God urgently wants us to do His will. The Bible says “His kingdom is coming.” Sin keeps us from doing His will and keeps us from joy.

          Second, nothing you can do will give you more joy and pleasure than doing God’s will. We all know… Satan’s pleasure is easy, but it adds destruction. We find God’s pleasure as we do God’s will. We find God’s pleasure as we increase in prayer and praise.

          Third, finding God’s pleasure takes time and often work. Satan will tell you, “My pleasure is better.” Lies.

          Today, consider urgently committing to putting in the time and work so that you will “know” what God wants you to do.

          Fourth, consider setting clear goals about discipline today and this week.

          Finally, Paul urgently disciplined his body. He urgently tried to learn and do God’s will. He lived a great life.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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