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        95% of human problems are because they don’t submit to God.

        Second, if you think I am different than you, nope. I now submit to God in the area of drinking and struggle to submit in other areas. One would think that I learned a lot with my life improving over what it was before. That is true, but now I need to submit in certain other areas. Now I need to tell myself, “God was exactly right about my life improving when I went to war with drinking… It will improve when I submit in this other area as well.

        Third, why do I need to wait until I make a big mess to submit? Why can’t I just open up the Bible and submit to what it says? Wait… maybe I should read what I constantly write: Maybe I should read the verses that are about what I need to submit to every day.

        Fourth, I don’t want to do that. I want to control my life.

        Fifth, choose today: Will I submit to God and start down the road to long-term joy?

        Sixth, the fastest way for me to pound out my current attachment to “My will,” is to pound it out with scripture. I guess I will start doing that daily. Consider praying:

        “Father, I know Your way is right. Help me to review what You have said about my way in Your Word. Help me to submit.

        Quitting a habit takes work. I choose to work at it every day.

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