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Snap It

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        Tip: Put a rubber band on your wrist. Every time you have a drinking/drugs thought, snap it and praise the Lord.

        It takes 66 days on average to form a new habit. If you are struggling, you need to know which new habits will work… Even though you are still struggling. For example: After 264 days of out-of-control drinking, you come here and decide to read the top 24 verses for quitting every day. It works on day one, but on day 2 you only get through 3 verses before you fall again.

        The problem here is that if that did not work, then nothing is likely to work on that day. But we need to realize that this was how Jesus fought temptation. It works and it will work for you, but you have to get your triggers under control as well as many other things simultaneously.

        So you try again, you take a bunch of notes from articles, you try what they say, you focus on turning aggressively from sin and you start reading the top 24 verses every day again. Then your success begins to build.

        Secondly, if you are tempted to fall, never say, “This is the last time.” Instead say, “I am rebelling, and there will be a lot of destruction because of it.” Satan wants you to lie about what is going on. Be honest.

        Or better yet say: If I fight sin aggressively, the Holy Spirit mightily fills me. And the Holy Spirit is a mighty warrior, and a great conqueror and He is starting to fill me and empower me to overcome and to do good works.

        Thirdly, activities are a key to quitting addiction. When we are doing something, we don’t give the devil time to exaggerate the pleasures that tempt us. And when those activities are good works, they become one of the keys to quitting addiction.

        If we are not actively doing right, then it becomes very easy for the devil to get us to do wrong.

        Joy takes work. I choose to work at it every day.

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