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Slipping is

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        #1 Darkness invading, Light receding

        #2 Blessing receding, problems increasing

        #3 Micro-pleasure popping, long-term joy disappearing

        #4 What one wants, not what one needs

        #5 An emptying of the soul

        #6 A gateway for the evil one into one’s life

        #7 A stop sign for God

        #8 A road to nowhere

        To stop we need to find something new to think about.

        To stop, go to war with negative emotions like anxiety, anger, frustration, and a dozen others. Simply do a Google search “Verses anxiety,” or verses _______, fill in your negative emotion in the blank. Then study, pray over and quote the verses you need. When you are less stressed and depressed, you fight better.

        Finally, consider picking new habits you will work on today. New habits equal new power for quitting.

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