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        We all have a sliding scale for our sins. If we have decided that intoxication is ruining us we go to war with it, but at the same time, we think another sin is not that big of a deal.
        Is God right about everything? Is all sin bad? Are we going to miss out on something? Yep. Once again, I would make a horrible TV preacher.
        Eve ate the apple. She did not miss out on the power trip that satan took her on after she ate it.
        Notice, the sin that you and I think is not so bad is way worse than what she did. She ate an apple! That action caused a disaster!
        God says “Don’t do that sin” because he loves us and He knows how it will end.
        Second, after some thought and prayer, we start to understand that all sin is bad. So we decide to pray about the sin that leads to intoxication. Then we go right back to that sin which then causes temptation to be at the maximum at all times for our main addiction.
        What went wrong in that attempt? We are supposed to pray about that sin which leads back to intoxication. But we still don’t have the habit of fighting temptation with the Bible when it starts to overcome us.
        If excessive gambling (fill in the blank with your sin ________) is gripping us, we should be constantly praying about turning from it. But… we need to focus every day on making it a habit to “Study Bible verses on _____” when the temptation to gamble or _______ starts to overwhelm us.
        Third, satan hates it when we praise the Lord. Consider praising the Lord every time you are tempted over the next three days (This is what I always do). Keep track of how often you are tempted over this period. For almost everyone, the temptation will go way down.

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