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Rule of 10

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        The Rule of 10

        We may need 10 new habits to quit for good. But at first glance that is a bit impossible. But with the “Rule of 10,” we are working on a bunch of new habits but we are focusing mightily on one habit right now.

        What one habit do you need to have a huge focus on? Today, consider making it your hobby to research how to form new habits. Read a bunch of articles on Google. Put out notes about what you want to change. Look up Bible verses about what you want to change. Pray over those Bible verses and pray about what you want to change.

        Second, even adding one habit is hard. Be patient, think longterm, keep restarting.

        Third, add the habit you want to acquire with a Christian trait. A dramatic example of this is when we go to war with our love of pleasure and replace it with the fear of the Lord. Proverbs 1 says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” Consider praying:

        “Father, take away my love of pleasure and help me to fear You.”

        This prayer has a triple effect. Fighting our love of sinful pleasure, teaching us to do what the Bible says (Fear the Lord), and it teaches us to have wisdom.

        Today, consider rewriting this prayer to add the one habit you want to acquire. Then start to move mountains to acquire that habit.

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