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Royal Queens

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        Three queens need to find hubbies. The first thought, I will find the most handsome man in the land. She found him and married him. The second thought, I want a man who will fulfill purpose, and who is an excellent looker. She found him and married him. The third thought, I will find a man will will fully fulfill his purpose, and one who is pleasant on the eyes. She found him and married him.
        One year later, the queens really knew their new hubbies. The first queen’s hubby partied constantly, and thought about multiple females 92% of the time and ignored his purpose. The second queens hubby partied a bit too much, he looked at other females 50% of the time and paid attention to his purpose a fair amount. The third queen’s hubby never partied and never looked at or thought about other females, and he fully fulfilled his purpose.
        The 3rd queen thought about things above when she picked her hubby. It fully paid off. She found fullness of joy from their relationship.
        Obviously, men need to flip the script. God wants us to stop partying and start fulfilling purpose. When we do… God will be fully pleased with us, and life will start to become great.
        Today, start a habit of thinking on things above. Make decisions based on things above. It will lead to a great life.

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