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Resist Satan

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        Today, if God said, “Line up for the great battle. We need every person. If you don’t fight and do my will, bad things will happen to a lot of people.” In that scenario, most of us would march to the front, and fight for the win.

        But that is not what happens. In real life what happens is satan says: You are low on cash, you have the right to _______. But if we are digging into scripture we see that God says: If you start doing things my way, “I will provide.”

        #2 satan says: People have abused you and run you over. You have the right to ______. But if we are spending time in prayer we can tell satan: God commanded me to love others, and I am going to focus on loving others and obedience (to avoid destruction).

        #3 Satan says: Your job (or going to school) stinks. Life is pure torture. You have the right to ________. In this situation tell satan: Life is awesome when I am living (and learning) “To do” what God wants me to do.

        #4 Satan says that: Risky TV shows/movies are better than clean ones. You have the right to watch them. Instead, tell satan: If I watch TV, and do life “In God’s presence, I will start down the path toward fullness of joy.

        #5 Satan says: Those friends who put your mind into the gutter are way more fun. You have the right to have wild friends. Instead, tell satan. I have this great friend in Jesus. I will live right and I will have a great life.

        Finally, here is a great song about the Word. The more you get the Word in you, the better life gets.

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