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        It amazes me how quickly old habits can be picked up. I had been working on cutting back the number of drinks per week for approximately 6 months prior to Lent this year. Then for Lent, I decided to give up all alcohol. I did well and made it 100% alcohol-free for the 40 days. I would only have a few drinks after that from time to time. However, dealing with another addiction in my life I became overwhelmed. Part of the problem is that one seems to fuel the other and vice-versa.

        I’m heading in the right direction with the other addiction, with God’s help and intercessory prayer from some key Saints in my life. However, I now find I’m drinking out of boredom and habit. Five o’clock in the evening rolls around and I can’t nor do I truthfully seem to say “no”, and one leads to another.

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          Consider writing down 3 activities to do at 5 PM. You will not want to do any of them. But, consider starting to do one of them as a vital Spiritual thing that you are doing to the glory of God. If temptation resurfaces at 6 PM start the next one.
          My list of activities after a long day might include watching Christian videos like Lauren Daigle and praising the Lord while they play.

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