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        Insist on finding God. Some say, “He is right there.” Sure, behind 3 miles of garbage or distractions filling my mind.

        David (When he was right) praised God for 15, 30, or 45 minutes per day. He did this:

        #1 Because it started him on a path toward joy.

        #2 The Bible says to do it.

        #3 God deserves the praise.

        #4 Praise is saying “Thank you” for being a great God.

        #5 Praise invites God’s presence.

        #6 It starts to lift our spirit and mood.

        #7 It takes our minds off of our problems, allowing us to focus on His greatness, and plans.

        #8 It starts to “Fix” our broken minds. Then we can more easily follow His ways, which will then lead to blessing.

        What if you replace 20% of your bad thoughts with praise? Note: Even after the bad thought has started, you can repent and praise God. Just stop the bad thought, and say, “Father, I am so sorry.” Then say “Praise the Lord,” a few times.

        What if you replace 50% of your bad thoughts with praise? What if you replace 99% of your bad thoughts with praise? The more you do it, the easier it is to quit.

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