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Praying about new Thoughts

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        Consider praying: “Father, show me how wrong thoughts poison my life.”

        “Father, help me to always raise the standards in turning from drinking/drugs.”

        “Father, show me what my life can be like if I run instantly from intoxication.”

        “Father, take away my love of pleasure.”

        “Father, help me to run from sinful pleasures. Teach me how to make You my pleasure.”

        Always pray each prayer with sincerity and a strong desire to change. If you form the habit of praying a prayer with every tempting thought you are starting to change your thinking.

        What you do is 51% of quitting. What you stop doing is only 49%. Because, if you don’t replace the bad stuff with good stuff… you will always have a vacuum (empty space) in your life that needs filling.

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