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        Pick 7 prayers that you can focus on this week. Consider printing them out or writing them down and carrying them around with you. Consider:
        “Father, Purify my mind, my soul, and my spirit. Create in me a clean heart.”
        “Father, remove my ungodly thoughts. Help me to remember to focus on new thoughts.” Note: consider having a list of “new thoughts” you will focus us on (based on ideas from this site) as well.
        “Father, today I will obey. Today I want to see what life is like if I don’t eat the apple (like Adam and Eve did).”
        “Father, help me to turn aggressively from triggers.”
        “Father, I will resist. I will overcome with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit.”
        “Father, help me to praise You today so that I stay in the light.”
        “Father, please keep me from this yoke of slavery.”

        Prayers are not answered based on praying them often. We can pray them often, but every repetition should be prayed with repentance, total sincerity, and a complete desire to change.
        Prayer starts to renew our minds. With our new thinking, we can win.

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