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        We can learn a lot about quitting from smokers. When smokers with severe addiction quit it is a mental nightmare. Their “habit” is smoking without thought when they wake up, smoking as they drink coffee, smoking when they get in their car, going on break, as well as a million other times.

        To quit they develop tricks to make up for what they are used to. One example is that they always held a cig in their left hand while drinking coffee with their right. Now they squeeze a ball while they drink coffee.

        For drinking/drugs, examine when, where, and why temptation explodes. When and where is it part of your routine? What exactly are you going to do differently in these situations in the future? Start working on the #1 thing that makes u fall and then add other things.

        For example, you start getting worked up at work. It is vital to have an exact plan for these situations. You might have prayers ready, and you pray with all your might. You might have articles picked out that will help you the minute you get home. You might plan to have Bible study and prayer the second you get home.

        Quitting is like being an expert car mechanic. They know the exact tool they need to use to solve the problem. Fill up your quitting notebook with ideas and potential tools to attack weaknesses in your routine.

        If you find an article that is a perfect “tool” for you to find freedom consider highlighting it or taking notes. Especially if it is based on God’s Word, do everything you can to get it “Into you.”

        How will you prepare to “Be ready” in these situations? It is impossible to prepare too much.

        Being ready is a key to peace.

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