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Overcoming Depression

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        It is ten times harder to fight off temptation if you can’t get out of a depression. The first step towards success is to change your emotions. This is done by giving thanks. Firstly, think about what Jesus has done for you and thank Him. Don’t rush through this. Remember, part of all of our problems are caused by the fact that we don’t spend enough time with Jesus.
        Next, we give thanks for things like homes, cars, jobs, and especially people. Note: If your wife, brother, or sister, doesn’t seem perfect – you are probably correct. But I am not perfect either.
        When I give thanks for my wife, brother, sister, and friend’s great qualities – I realize. I am lucky to have them.
        My dad was a broke preacher with a tiny church. But he “always” gave thanks for everything. When we got a flat tire he thanked God. One vacation we had 5 flats (I’m really not making this up – it was when radial tires were not yet perfected in about 1973). I watched him very closely on flat #5. He gave thanks yet again. Not only that, he proceeded to spread the gospel to the guy who fixed the tire – and he got saved.
        The Bible commands us, “In everything give thanks.” My dad made this a daily, hourly habit. I never remember him being depressed – even for one day.
        So if you want to be happy like my dad was, take up a new challenge and do what he did. He focused on hell’s flames and treasures in heaven. He made his thoughts Biblical thoughts.
        Jesus saw his effort. And neither depression nor addiction ever ruled his life.

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