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One Chance

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        The children of Israel were given one chance to go into the promised land. They did not go in. “Later,” they regretted that decision and tried to go in. They were defeated and never made it in. We all have the chance to quit, the opportunity to go to war with sin, the opportunity to do God’s will. Can we quit later? Yep. But… later, we don’t get to go into the promised land.

        We have this chance to go in now.

        Second, how long is your window of opportunity? For many, it is right now. One chance, right now. Quit, and do things God’s way.

        Third, for teenagers, you might be trying daily to develop the habit of turning from triggers. You may struggle for months. Maybe your developing and working on habits for quitting “Every day,” is part of your preparation to go in. I don’t know, but what I do know is that the urgency to go to war with sin must be a massive priority or you might just wander in the wilderness for your whole life like the children of Israel did.

        Finally, only a few do what it takes to live a great life. What do you choose?

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