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New Habits

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        God insists we turn from drinking/drugs. He is “Very” firm. Why? Because it is either His way or trouble. No middle ground.

        We are created “For the Lord.” Our thoughts are “For the Lord.” Our actions are “For the Lord.” Our purpose is “For the Lord.”

        I have been hearing about a book called Atomic Habits. I plan to read it. A great use of this book’s great tools would be to use his great advice in conjunction with doing what you learn here. Learning how to squeeze out bad habits and start new good habits.

        God is very firm. I bet the advice in this book will push relentlessly for change. My Google search indicated that it would.

        Second, I believe that God’s very firm way is the best way. I study His Word so that I learn exactly what He wants me to do.

        Third, once I start doing things His way, I start to fully understand that His way is the best way. Then good things start to happen.

        Fourth, this week learn the habit of praising the Lord, and get a book about learning new habits. Jesus, plus new habits will set you free.

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          The 1-2 Habit

          1-2 is a top 5 habit to have for quitting. The 1-2 is writing out or copying and pasting 1-2 key points from articles you like. Write out a top tip (or two) so that you can begin to remember it and implement it into your daily thoughts/life. Consider praying:

          “Jesus, teach me Your Word for quitting.”

          In Matthew 4 Jesus quoted a verse to combat every temptation. It is vital to copy how Jesus handled temptation. Consider quoting during temptation:

          “Romans 8:6 ESV For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.”

          During temptation, it is wise to know yourself. Pick a verse or verses that will stop the temptation cold, dead.

          Second, take pride in how many ideas/prayers from the 1-2 system that you can remember and quote over the course of the week.

          Third, put the 1-2 tips in your phone. Here is how it might work. You are at a buddies house talking. The TV is blaring temptation blatantly. You turn away and look at the tips in your phone.

          Finally, it is hard to take ideas, then, turn them into reality. It takes constant effort. But it will be one of the smartest things you ever did in your life if you decide to fight temptation at all times.

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