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Negative Emotions

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        We need to know what emotion plagues us and/or eventually leads to disaster. Today I will give out three prayers, but it is wise to copy and paste the article into a Google doc or Word file so that you can change the prayer to exactly the issue that sinks you.

        For anger, consider praying:

        “Father, take away this spirit of anger, and fill me with Your love.”

        But, your #1 issue may be Hopelessness, Anxiety, Emptiness; Frustration; Inadequacy; Helplessness; Fear; Guilt; Loneliness; Depression; Overwhelmed; Resentment; Failure; Sadness; Jealousy, or something else.

        So if anger is not an issue for you, take your #1 issue and delete anger from the list and insert your emotion. The key point is to be able to take an article about loneliness and see if you can change a few prayers, or things to think about so that they can apply to say – guilt.

        Second, consider praying:

        “Father, take away my spirit of intoxication, and help me with my feeling of hopelessness.”

        This is a powerful prayer because the first half is exactly what God wants, and the second half is our desire. Consider changing the last word of the prayer to the emotion that plagues you.

        Third, add power to your prayer. Power is added when we fully repent before we pray and when we fully commit our lives to God.

        Forth, pray your prayer every hour. But with every prayer we must remember to be 100% sincere, and 100% dedicated to change. When I prayed, “Father, help me to turn aggressively from lust,” for the 1,000th time, I was just as sincere and dedicated to change as I was the first time I prayed it.

        Negative emotions drag us down, down, down. Instead, attack, attack, and attack with prayer.

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