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Negative Emotions

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        This month consider setting a goal to solve 2 problems. #1 Consider “Constant thoughts” and actions about “How to” solve the drinking/drugs problem. #2 Consider constant thoughts and actions about how to solve your #1 emotional issue that leads back to drinking/drugs. 
        Consider writing down your #1 emotional issue that leads back to drinking/drugs. Next, do a Google search: Verses anger, verses fear, verses frustration. Fill in the blank with the emotion, or sin _______ that starts you slipping toward drinking/drugs.
        Second, have a time and a place to work on studying, praying, and meditating on those verses.
        Third, consider saying every hour: (setting an alarm helps) “I will overcome this emotion ______ with God’s help.
        Fourth, overcoming negative emotions is part of finding joy. Insist on working toward God’s joy.
        Fifth, pound out that negative emotion with scripture. It will help.

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