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        This article quotes, and is loosely based on a video by Epiphany (linked below):

        “Too much entertainment is not good for a believer. The moment you bring yourself under the law of these things, meaning the moment they begin to control you, then it means they have become a stumbling block to your walk with God. So, if you are going to be a doer of the Word, you must ensure that you cut down on these things. If you have “too much” TV, YouTube, social media, or other things like those, it is almost impossible to keep from crossing the line in the sand. Then, once you go past it, you begin slipping into things that feed filthiness. Things that feed carnality in our lives. And what do these things do? They contest with the efficacy of God’s Word.

        We have the power of God in us. However, you can’t see the power working in you if you are not walking in the Spirit. That is, if you are too given to the things of the earth. If you give too much attention to carnal things. Satan always uses the things of this world to get your attention.

        Instead, give attention to the Word, give attention to prayer. Act 6:4 says that Christians will give themselves continually to prayer.

        Today, consider starting to cut down on things that feed the flesh. Get rid of things that reduce your hunger, and your passion for the Word. Cut out whatever reduces your passion for prayer.

        Finally, be intentional every day about slamming the door on satan’s pleasures. Slam it completely shut on risky things, and cut back on pleasures that you do in excess. Instead, find things that increase your passion for Jesus. Passion will help you quit.

        Below is the great YouTube video that I based this on.

        Moderation in the Bible

        For the complete article click.

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