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Missing Everything

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        A 20 year old person’s life is going bad. They think, I could go back to _______ (Fill in your sin habit or habits). Today I am going to list 10 things we might miss out on when we go back. Note, everyone is different, you may be strong in some of these things, but everyone misses out on some of these things.

        #1 Bad habits often make people miss out on good finances.

        #2 Wrongful habits kill motivation to do productive things.

        #3 Bad habits sometimes make relationships harder.

        #4 Bad habits breed anger.

        #5 Bad habits breed anxiety and fear.

        #6 Bad habits cause emotional problems. Pray about your emotional problems. Ask God if they are connected to _____. You need to constantly remind yourself which problems your habit is causing you.

        #7 You may have less friends. I was way more dark and depressed when I struggled. I had to put on an act to have friends.

        #8 You will miss part or all of your purpose.

        #9 You will miss part or all of the joy God has for you.

        #10 You will miss part or all of the contentment, peace, love, as well as other gifts God has for you.

        Second, think often about other things that you miss because of ______.

        Third, consider pasting this into a Word file or Google doc and deleting the things that don’t affect you, and adding new things that do affect you. Then consider studying that list often.

        Fourth, why does God have His rules? So that you don’t miss out on everything.

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