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Lift Him Up

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        Often we pay close attention to everything except God.
        Isaiah 57: God is high and lifted up.
        David was the Bible’s greatest worshipper. He praised God constantly, wrote some of the Psalms as specific praises to God, and he also praised God 7 times per day for his righteous laws.
        David had a dramatic recovery from his sin. He reversed his disastrous, lawbreaking ways by praising God 7 times per day for his righteous laws.
        Most of us think, David screwed up even worse than me, he committed adultery and he killed an innocent man. He did, but he had a powerful reversal.
        Have a powerful reversal step one: Praise God constantly. Step two: praise God 7 times per day for his righteous laws.
        Today I think, I really don’t know how to act around the great God of the universe. But today I am going to try to form a routine where I make God high and lifted up. Once again, I don’t know how to do that, so I will just pause several times each day and say: “My God is high and lifted up.” Then I will praise God for His laws and give praise to Him as often as I think about it. Let’s see what happens.

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