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      Keymaster said the following:
        “Jesus Christ spoke to a woman at the well about two kinds of water:
        1. “This water,” which would not satisfy and would not quench thirst. The woman would have to keep coming back again and again to get more of “this water.”
        “The water I give” which would quench thirst eternally. Then Jesus brought up the fact that the woman had had multiple relationships (5 husbands and a current live-in, 6 total). Obviously, she was finding no permanent satisfaction in these relationships so she had to keep going back to find a new love, each time hoping that this time would be the last. In bringing up her “unquenchable thirst” for different relationships, Jesus revealed to her that she would never be truly satisfied until she began “drinking” from the water He would give her.
        List the “water” (addiction) that you’ve been drinking from and how it has left you “thirsty.”
        Note: Jesus offered this woman living water. He said that if she drank it she would not be thirsty any more; in other words, she would be satisfied and not desire one relationship after another. Here is hope for you and me! Here is the method to enjoying freedom from drugs, or any addiction. If you discover how to receive this “living water,” and how to drink it, you will not be thirsty any more; in other words, you will be free from the craving of and slavery to drinking or drugs. Drugs or drinking, in its essential allurement, promises to quench our thirst. In other words, it promises satisfaction. And honestly, it may satisfy – but only for a time. Pretty soon we discover that we are “thirsty” again, and as the years go by we find that we are really never genuinely satisfied. Right?”

        To find living water commit to a time of prayer and Bible study daily, then start your war against sin so that you can be free indeed.

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