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Learn from a 4 year old

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        Yesterday my wife was around a 4-year-old girl who said: “I am not allowed to see my dad anymore because he did something bad. But everybody has bad in their life and it is okay. We just have to decide to be happy. Sometimes when tears come, you just have to push them back.”

        That 4-year-old is going to do okay. Most of us have something bad happen, then we fall. Self-pity may be one of satan’s top 10 tricks. Discouragement is a habit that will keep you falling for as long as you allow it to control you.

        If this is an issue, do an internet search on overcoming discouragement to get ideas on how to fight it.

        Pray: “Father, take away my spirit of discouragement, and help me to decide to be happy.”

        Pray: “Father, take away my spirit of discouragement, and fill me with Your toughness.”

        If this issue controls you it will be impossible to pray these prayers too often.

        Bad things happen and we allow ourselves to get “Dark.” We let Jesus’ light dim out and we allow satan a perfect opening. That was our habit. But our new habit is to attack with prayer and to search to find out what Jesus wants out of our situation. Our new habit is to fight back with the light of Jesus shining fully on us. An impossible rotten day, but still… a day where Jesus’ light can shine brighter than ever. If we fight to let it shine.

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