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Keep Trying

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        Things go wrong again, but we keep trying. Biblical David failed, but he kept trying. Joseph was thrown into a pit, and he kept trying. Many have had challenges with their quitting lately, but they are determined to keep trying.

        Today, consider writing down 3 reasons why you are going to quit. We need to focus more on these reasons. Today, consider writing down 3 disadvantages to slipping. Determine to think twice as much about these disadvantages as you think about the (very short term with destruction added) pleasures of drinking/drugs.

        Today, consider repeating often: I can quit. Consider praying:

        “Father, give me the faith to believe that I can quit.”

        The Bible says, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

        People with strong values quit more often. For example, Jonny spends 10 minutes each day studying increasing in love and praying about it. But… he still falls every fourth day. But Jonny keeps trying to increase in love every day. He is obeying the Bible by valuing increasing in love. While he does need to work on quitting more… right now it’s not clicking, but he is moving into the group of people who quit more often.

        Second, people who hang around with people who don’t have addictions quit more often. We can watch how they live, and what they do. I was a fairly decent softball player with a batting average of .500. Then I started hanging out with a former baseball player who had a great shot at being a pro baseball player. He told me how to change my swing. With my new swing, I batted .800.

        Not only can people who don’t have addictions help you, they can inspire you. I find it very inspiring to hang out with people who aren’t dragged into the mud emotionally by their addiction all the time. They make me want to be like them.

        Finally, keep trying to have expert notes at your fingertips regarding the best way for you to quit. Consider taking notes on articles, and highlighting notes for review every day. Get the information you need in front of you every day. It will pay off.

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