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Keep Trying

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        Thomas Edison recommended that people always keep trying. People think he was the smartest person in the world. But I doubt it. He was one of many brilliant people, but, he became the greatest inventor because he always kept trying. After failure #400 with the lightbulb, he tried again.
        Second, keep trying to quote more pertinent scripture. Keep trying to pray about turning from drinking/drugs. If Edison were trying to quit he would dig into key verses more and more. Eventually, he would read them more than anyone else on this site.
        Third, Edison would go back to war on this habit more quickly than anyone. Instead of falling for a day, he would get back to going to war in one hour after falling. Edison was famous for trying again while other inventors moped for a while.
        Fourth, obviously I am using his “Dont quit” mentality with his inventing, and writing a made up story about how he would quit.
        Fifth, Edison read all the time. The more you read at this site, the more skill you will develop for quitting.
        Sixth, he kept going when the going got tough. Develop the habit of starting to do something active when things go south. It is the same type of skill he used when he failed with attempt #740 on the light bulb.
        Seventh, he said, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”
        Is quitting 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration? Maybe.
        Eighth, Edison filled up 3000 notebooks full of notes. How many quitting notebooks do you have?
        Finally, something great always starts, or is improved, or partially improves when we do things God’s way. Believe it, check it, and watch over the next 30 days to see what God will do.

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