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Keep Trying

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        The challenge when you have a severe addiction is… You sometimes have no idea what is going on. You find a great article, you did everything it said… for a while, and 2 days, or 5 days later, down you go. What went wrong? Was the article no good? When this happens, pull the article back up, repent fully of your sin, and consider praying:
        “Father, is this article a great one for me, or is there a better one.”
        Then just start praying over the article and focus on it. Then at some point, you will start to realize: A, this was a great article, and it is great for you, you just have to execute on new days the same way you made it work for the days it worked. Or B, it is a good article, but it does not really solve your problem of _________ (fill in the blank, with something that often sinks you). Or C, it was a great article, and you also need to study a bunch of other things in order to quit.
        The main point is… God tells us a thousand times to quit, and we act like He won’t give us any guidance when we are straining to quit. And I know why we think that. In the past, I lived in my rebellious ways and I only rarely had prayers answered. But now that I am going to war with sin, I have more prayers answered, and I do get guidance.
        Key point: When you are doing exactly what God wants you to do, ask Him for some guidance about which articles to study and pray over. We need that guidance because sometimes studying 17 articles hard is what is needed to quit. If that is the case… You need to figure out which 17 it is, fast.
        Finally, consider reading old articles and praying over them. Ask God to show you which ones are key articles for you. Then “keep trying” to build the habits from those articles to build your foundation.
        Don’t give up on solid techniques for quitting based on bad results. Keep asking God what to work on no matter what. If you keep praying about it… Someday you will have a great idea of how to quit.

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