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It’s OK

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        We have problems with work, relationships, school, finances, and a million other things, and that is okay.

        Our problems are not the problem, our reactions to the problems are the problem.

        Brian Tracey at noted the following:

        1. Focus on the future.
        “Whatever challenges you face, focus on the future rather than on the past. Instead of worrying about who did what and who is to blame, focus on where you want to be and what you want to do. Get a clear mental image of your ideal successful future, and then take whatever action you can to begin moving in that direction. Get your mind, your thoughts and your mental images on the future.

        2. Think about the solution.
        Whenever you’re faced with a difficulty, focus on the solution rather than on the problem. Think and talk about the ideal solution to the obstacle or setback, rather than wasting time rehashing and reflecting on the problem. Solutions are inherently positive, whereas problems are inherently negative.

        Take some time to write out every detail of the problem, and then take the most logical next step to solve it. The instant that you begin thinking in terms of solutions, you become a positive and constructive human being.

        3. Look for the good.
        Assume that something good is hidden within each difficulty or challenge. Norman Vincent Peale, a major proponent of positive thinking, once said, “Whenever God wants to give us a gift, he wraps it up in a problem.” The bigger the gift you have coming, the bigger the problem you will receive. But the wonderful thing is that if you look for the gift, you will always find it.

        4. Seek the lesson.
        Assume that whatever situation you are facing at the moment is exactly the right situation you need to ultimately be successful. This situation has been sent to you to help you learn something, to help you become better, to help you expand and grow.

        So seek for the valuable lesson in every adversity. Make a list of every idea or insight you can gain from every setback or difficulty.

        A positive mental attitude is indispensable to your success. You can be as positive as you want to be if you will simply think about the future and look for the good. If you do what other successful people do, if you use your mind to exert mental control over the situation, you will be positive and cheerful most of the time. And you will reap the benefits enjoyed by all successful people.”

        Based on this article I bet Brian Tracey’s books are pretty helpful.

        When problems rise up say: I will solve these problems. If you are a Christian say: We will solve these problems. Then reread this article. Then work on techniques for quitting addiction like you normally would.

        Pray: “Father, help me to stay calm, and allow You to help me work through problems.” Do I need to pray this 100 times or 10,000 times?

        Memorize 1st Timothy 6:6: “But Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

        Working on solutions to problems allows God enough space to turn on His light on us, and to begin to dispense His joy in us.

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