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It’s Not my Fault

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        A few months ago I would say, I fell, but it’s not my fault. I would blame money problems, relationship problems, work problems, or anything else that was bringing me down. But if we can blame something for a fall we will keep falling.

        Today, I am willing to take responsibility for my actions. Today, we can admit… We could study the key scriptures for quitting or we can fall. Do you really think you have had a mountain of problems compared to me this week (I apologize if you had a true disaster)? All of us had a bunch of problems.

        God told the Israelites to obey and to really believe what He said. Only a few of them ever changed and they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years.

        Many of them fell into sins. Let me tell you what they should have said when they were tempted to fall (instead of blaming someone or something). They should have said: “I am considering putting my pleasure as a substitute for God. It will ruin my week and maybe my month and maybe my year. I am trading God’s offer of real joy in for a day of pleasure.

        But instead, they blamed Moses for their problems, so God let them wander for 40 years.

        If you fall because of life’s problems, print out the top 6 or 8 articles on how to handle problems better. Be aware that that is your trigger. Then, when problems arise… consider reading those articles and doing what they say. At some point, this better cycle will be a habit. At that point, you will start to gain more control.

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