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Intense Temptation

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        With drinking/drugs, something partially dies, or starts to die, the more it is done. Many agree that bad things happen because of sin, but most agree that this habit kills love, joy, peace, and purpose to a greater or lesser degree. Consider printing this out and ranking from 1 to 10 (With 10 being best), your level in each category.

        Peace ___

        Love ___

        Filled-with-the-spirit ___

        Hope ___

        Do you feel filled with Light? ___

        Blessing ___

        Strength ___

        Joy ___

        Purpose ___

        To quit, prioritize what you want to do. Think 100 times per day what you want in each category. We don’t lose weight by saying “I’m gonna eat less.” A better plan is, “I want my waist to be __, this is my goal, what I am going to do. Why will I eat less? Because, this is what I want my waist to be.

        Second, if you think more about how you will increase in each (Or some) of these categories, you will think less about ____.

        Third, this sheet will remind you “Why” you are low in some/many of these categories. You will stay low as long as you pick short-term, sinful pleasure over God’s ways.

        Fourth, today I read, “Sin is stupid.” Consider memorizing this fact: “My habit is causing all of the things on the above list to partially die or begin to die.”

        Fifth, someday in heaven, someone may come up to me and show me their sheet. On it they wrote, peace, a 1 rating, ruined by ____. Love, a 2 rating, weakened by ____. Blessing, a 1 rating, ruined by ____. Joy, a 1 rating, ruined by ____.

        Then they show me a new printout of what happened after they studied these categories for one month. Peace, a 5 rating, love, a 6 rating, blessing, a 7 rating, joy, an 8 rating.

        Today, set your goals for each category. Consider reading your sheet and thinking about these goals often. When you don’t ruin these things with ____… They grow stronger and stronger, and then life gets better and better.

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