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How Satan Attacks

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        Satan attacks forcefully after bad things happen to us. To win that battle, react just like Joseph did: “Run instantly.” Example, car breaks again, money is short, and frustration is high.

        Consider reacting by planning “What you will do today, this evening, this hour, and right now.” Realize, that your healthy plan is not what your flesh wants you to do. Realize that if you start to consider your (bad) options, you have invited satan to the decision to influence you to what he wants you to do. Instead…Consider praying every 5 minutes:

        “To run instantly, I plan to ______ (insert your healthy activity here).”

        Second, get started as fast as possible with some sort of healthy activity. Come to this site for a few minutes, read the Bible, or get active.

        Third, start your plan as instantly as possible.

        Fourth, if “Bad things happening” causes you to fall often, consider printing this out so that you can find it instantly in your quitting folder.

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