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How God Sees Us

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        We rarely see ourselves the way God sees us. He looks at us as people who can do great things. He does not have a list of abstract rules. His laws are there so that we can follow them so that we can do great things.

        Today, I am again praying:

        “Father, expand my borders and bless me indeed.”

        This is a great prayer taken directly from scripture. In order to expand my borders I need more of the Holy Spirit inside me. I need to raise my standards for fighting sin and drinking/drugs. I need to be willing to do God’s will.

        When I pray, and pray prayers like that one, I start to get a glimpse of how God sees me.

        Finally, adjust that prayer to add power:

        Finally, repent, pray, and then think about how God sees you. With every creation, He made someone who can do great things. Today, consider going to war with drinking/drugs so that you can do them.

        Here is a song about how God sees us.

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