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Hate Evil

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        I have improved on hating evil, but I am still human. Adam and Eve learned to hate evil after their life fell apart. Consider praying:
        “Father, help me to hate evil before bad things happen.”
        The problem is… you did not get kicked out of paridise the last time you blatently sinned.
        You were not even aware that the blessing God had for you disappeared. You were not aware that this week could have been great.
        Very few people connect falling 24 times in the past year with a bunch of crap that fills their life. But if you spend the next week asking God every hour:
        “How does my drinking/drugs make a mess of my life?”
        He will answer that prayer. He will show you if you keep on asking. He wants every sincere Christian to know how destructive drinking/drugs are.
        Second, this week strive to make it a habit to pray:
        “Father, help me to hate evil.”
        Pray it “before” you go near any place that tempts you. Pray it before and during things that frustrate you.
        Finally, when you pray remember: What happened to Adam and Eve, what happened to David, what happened to Sampson.
        After David had total disaster, he learned to “hate evil.” Joseph learned to hate evil first. He ran from what would have become a disaster. Instead of disaster, he became the 2nd most powerful man in the world and he saved his home country.
        Pray often to hate evil.

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