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God’s Way

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        Deuteronomy 28 lists a bunch of bad things that happen if God’s laws are ignored. Bad things in the city, bad things in the field, bad things with your stuff, bad things with your health, bad things with your land, bad things with your money, bad things when you come in, bad things when you go out. The chapter goes on to mention perishing quicky, and being smitten with consumption.

        This is a very incomplete list, the chapter just goes on and on with bad things that happen when God’s laws are ignored.

        The problem is… If the church acts for even one minute that this could even be remotely true, it would be almost completely empty.

        Second, everyone has their opinion about a chapter like this one. But there is good news. We don’t need to have a deep understanding of this chapter… If you want to be blessed, this chapter tells you “Exactly” how to start to be blessed. If you want to avoid bad things happening, this chapter tells you exactly how to avoid them.

        Third, my advice is extreme. Things like to pray “Father, help me to turn from lust, and help me to go to war with sin.” I say things like considering, “Praying this every hour for the next two days.” Setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself, etc.

        Fourth, why do I believe this chapter? Because, 10 years ago I read it and I realized that my life had become many of the bad things listed in this chapter.

        Fifth, I quit 3 years ago. Every month after I quit I had less bad things in my life.


        Now my life is rapidly being filled with the great things listed in this chapter. The Bible was right again.

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