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        Jesus said, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” If you want to have the power of Jesus in you (Which will start to overpower habits) learn how to “serve” others.
        I am an American. We want to be rich and we want to be first. If I buy into America’s goals, I will end up last in the Kingdom of Heaven. If I buy into America’s goals, habits will continue to plague me because the power of Jesus will not be on me.
        If I put others first, everything will change.
        What if I said: You are more important than me. Your success at quitting is more important than anything else I do.
        Can I be first in America’s goals and say those things? No.
        My dad was last in American goals, and because of him I am writing all these articles. He served his church faithfully. My dad is now in heaven. Where do you think he ranks there?
        My dad read a chapter in the Old Testatment and one in the New Testatment every day. He spent a block of time in prayer every day. He consistently looked for opportunities to serve other people. Consider praying:
        “Father, teach me to look for opportunities to serve other people.”
        What happens when you go to war with sin and pray this prayer “All the time?” You will start to see opportunities to serve others. If you take those opportunities and start serving others the power of Jesus will be on you. Then at some point, you will be fully in charge of your quitting.
        Second, Jesus said these things in the sermon on the mount in Matthew 5. Consider taking notes on what He said to do in that chapter. Consider praying over those notes for the next month.
        Finally, healthy habits give you power to change. Which of these ideas will you turn into a habit?

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